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Dinner Menu


*Filet Mignon, Extra Large
Our ulitimate in fine steaks

Filet Mignon
Same as above – cut slightly smaller

*Filet Tips (When available)
Charcoal on a skewer

Top Sirlon
A thick, juicy, delicious steak

Small Top Sirloin
Same as above – cut slightly smaller

*Sirloin Tips (When available)
Charcoal on a skewer

Rib Eye Steak
Cut and trimmed from the Prime Rib

*Ground Sirloin
Fresh ground tips from our sirloin steaks

Add to any entrée…
Sauteed Mushrooms
Sauteed Onions
Sauteed Mushrooms & Onions


*Barbecue Charcoal Ribs
Tender, meaty and flavor that only charcoal can give

*Charcoal Pork Chops
(Boneless) Basted with barbecue sauce


Charcoal Duckling
Basted with Orange Sauce

*Chicken Livers
Pan fried

Charcoal Chicken Breast
Boneless-skinless, plain or BBQ over rice

*Deep Fried Chicken
Golden Brown
All White Meat (50 cents extra)


Choice of any two of the following entrees:

-Please order by number-

1 - Filet Mignon
2 - Char-Broiled Shrimp
3 - Deep Friend Shrimp

2 of the Above Entrees Together

1 of the Above Entrees with 4 thru 9

4 – Barbecue Charcoal Ribs
5 – Barbecue Charcoal Pork Chop
6 – Charcoal Broiled Channel Catfish
7 – Deep Fried Channel Catfish
8 – Pan Fried Chicken Livers
9 – Deep Fried Chicken

Any 2 Entrees 4 thru 9

10 – Broiled or Charcoal Lobster Tail

With Entrees 1 thru 3

With Entrees 4 thru 9


*Charcoal Broiled Cold Water
Losbster Tails With drawn butter

* Charcoal Broiled BBQ Shrimp
Basted with barbecue sauce
Served with drawn butter

*Deep Fried Shrimp
Golden brown with a light breading

Charcoal Broiled
Atlantic Salmon Filet
Served almondine with dill sauce

Filet of Walleye Pike
Charcoal or deep fried. Served almondine

Charcoal Broiled Orange Roughy
For the seafood gourmet. Served with almondine

*Channel Catfish
Charcoal or deep fried. Pond reared

Add Almondine extra

Kids Menu

Hamburger, Cheeseburger, or Chicken Strips.

Asterick (*) denotes Children's dinners available (up to 10 years of age).

Filet Mignon with Asparagus

Barbecue Charcoal Ribs
With Hashbrowns

Order cheese on your hashbrowns to make this meal even tastier!

Charcoal Duckling Basted with Orange Sauce

#1 Filet Mignon & #2 Char-Broiled Shrimp Combo With
Wild Rice
Only the finest seafood is allowed into our kitchen. If it isn't plump and juicy it's not Cellar quality.

Try our Charcoal Broiled Shrimp! When you bite into our shrimp it pops! Bursting with a wonderful mix of flavors - sweet, tangy, & best of all buttery!